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Well, this thing hasnt been updated in a while. Today, Feb 12, 2014 is the latest. There are many events listed below so just scroll down and have a look.   If you dont see yours, its hidden for privacy - just email me for the link. What do I do? Well it started as a hobby but soon got out of control. I do weddings (but not very often, but ask anyway), studio portraits (portable if i'm in a good mood),  graduation, family stuff and the occasional advertising.  Oh, also web page design and photo restoration (seriously, I love to do restorations and photo modifications !!!) . Simple stuff but you cant beat the price. Speaking of which, email about prices. Again, its just a hobby but i've been told it's pretty good work.  It boils down to I shoot it, fix them up, give you a proof, and then give you a thumb drive and web site link.  Just print them at a quality printer. Walmarts instant HP machines are good if matte is used. Just uses matte all the time.... more forgiving.  

Do me a favor, if you're framing them, go to The Beveled Edge in North Augusta and ask for Mel. Tell her Lee sent you. The lady is good and reasonable... and I happen to want her to stay in business !!!!

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Brookes Senior Photos    

Chris - Kyle - Jeffrey Black and Whites 

Ernie and Shelle Wedding  (takes a  bit to load them all !)

Diomaris' Bridal Session  
                 Oscar and Diomaris' Wedding
Obanion Family

Grice Family 

Al and Anne

 Brian and Amber Gray-Gregory Wedding
 Amber Gregory Bridal Session  
   Fun Pictures during Ambers Session    
    Brian and Amber Engagement Session

Becky's Graduation  

Cross Family

Uncle Joe and Betty Grice Wedding 
Tulum Mexico Trip, for when you want to escape from here a little bit....

Day at the Lake 2011
Day at the Lake 2010    
Day at the Lake 2009

If you want any copies of Biker pics or want any photos removed, just email me...
Biker Sunday 2007
Biker Sunday 2008

Biker Sunday 2009   Wayne & Joy & Bikers get together

Biker Sunday 2010
Biker Sunday 2011

Il Mio Viaggio in Sicilia, 2010  (My trip back to Sicily, May 2010)  

Fotografie dal 1986-1989 (Fotos from 86-89 in Sicily)



Memorial to Mr Eddy Thorpe - Our Neighbor and Friend.....
Nazarene Camp Cleanup 2009

Flying Field R/C Models   (Ciao Nino!)

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